EMEX Tansloca – Maxi Lange


I take the protection of your data very seriously. Thus, as a result of the date protection regulations valid from 25 May 2018, I would like to inform you of the data processing procedures on this website. First of all, the usage of my website is generally possible without the indication of any personal data. Any automatically collected data are numerical values, which exclusively serve the analysis of visitor figures and will not be distributed to third parties. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how data processing works within the realms of this website.

Who is responsible for data acquisition and processing on this website?

Responsible is the owner of this website:

Maxi Lange
Nuernberger Str. 45
10789 Berlin


Which data are acquired and how are they processed?

When you entered my website, your browser sent a number of technical data, which were automatically recorded. Among this data are your IP address, your browser identifier and domain, as well as date, time and status of call success.

None of these log data refer directly to personal data and will not be linked to any other personal data either. My website’s backend (i.e. the administrator area where I change website content etc.) features an analysis tool which tells me how many people entered my site when and in which timeframes. Based on these figures, I can find out whether the operation of a website makes sense or not.

What is an SSL certificate and why is it missing on this page?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates encrypt the communication of data, which are for instance submitted through contact forms. As such certificates are not included in domain packages, I do not use one on my website. Simply contact me directly via email at maxi@emex-transloca.com.

For reasons of security, if you send me an email, I will save it permanently in my inbox. Such data conveyed to me on a voluntary basis are for contacting only and will not be distributed to third parties.

Cookies and Third-Party Content

This website uses cookies, in order to improve your user experience. Cookies are small text files, which save information to utilise whenever the same user visits the page again. For example: Upon first entering my site, visitors are informed that my page uses cookies. Once they accept, the page remembers this setting and does not show the message again. If the visitor deletes their cookies, the message pops up when they next visit my page.

In my portfolio section and ticker, you will find logos and information of past clients. While their logos aren’t linked, they do refer to third-party websites. It is solely the owners, who are responsible for the content and the correct data protection information of their websites.